We offer modern and scalable Android and iOS portable application advancement administrations for shopper situated organizations & enormous professional workplace. CRANAI Driving versatile application advancement organization in india convey you ground-breaking portable applications that sport straightforward and easy UX/UI with the ideal quality confirmation.

As a leading mobile app development company, we believe simple mobile application solutions for the complex and challenging business needs in the provision. Our world-class research consistently meet the needs of the market and new business challenges that spread their wings in both large companies and start growing. This is how we are able to provide our customers with mobile applications for Android, iOS available, and wearables, which opens up the possibilities for improving productivity and achieving a broader range of customers. It is, you provide to make the mobile application available our goal that everything has that future requirements.

Our focus is not only powerful to develop mobile strategy and applications; our UX / UI professionals make sure that all the advanced features and potential of mobile applications and mobile games come in a simple and user-friendly package. Therefore, we leave you to unlock the power of the future in a simple way. In addition, ensuring support to develop us uncompromising customer apps that you always appreciate.

Application Development Platform.

For all your needs, we develop mobile applications on various app development platforms with the same potential and a seamless performance across different platforms.

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Hybrid App

A hybrid mobile app is one application that is available on all mobile platforms while having advanced features for SMEs to Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Native App

For a dedicated mobile platform we develop scalable, high-performance applications with industry-leading features and functionality, while slightly.

we offer



Based on the analysis of different. i.e. Business, Audience, Technical & Business Analysis Feasibility etc., We help businesses to develop mobile applications, which fits into the business model and provide the desired functionality and ROI.

Architecture Selection

Our guide to choosing the right client architecture include "Mobile Web App", "Native App", "Hybrid App". Taking into account some of the unique aspects of such devices, connectivity, variable bandwidth, multi-platform support, user experience, access to the sensor device, the performance, the original look and feel, search applications, distributed applications, application upgrades, connectivity and development / testing effort, time - to -market, budget, etc.

Prototype Development

Probably the first and important step of the entire mobile application. It is the step where the actual ideas and visions begin to manifest. Our more than a decade of experience and thorough help us know how to design a robust prototype and develop on your entire business model can with stand and grow.

UX/UI Design

Almost no one gives a second chance to a mobile application, if it is a friendly UX design it did not or it does not work properly on the first. By integrating this attention to detail our mobile app development produces applications that attract the marketplaces of engaging users with smart UI / UX.

Backend Development

Backend development can remain invisible to users of mobile applications, but it is the backbone of every mobile app. Due to the robust and efficient back-end development, a mobile application is working properly without even let the user know how complex operations are performed behind the screen.


Maintenance and upgrades are by far the most important parts of our expert services. The market is growing and so are your customers and their needs. Therefore, we are always ready to provide health care to the mobile application and polished it with more amazing features as it flawless and easy to hold.


If you want your mobile application that only supports only a platform for mobile applications and want them expand to other platforms, we can help you to put it on all platforms you want, while all the features and seamless performance hold, actually even better performance!

API Integration

APIs help to make a mobile application radical skills in their own, take the performance and features of the application on a few notches. This service of our mobile application development helps you to integrate some modern and advanced 3rd party APIs that make your application even more powerful.


Different applications have different security needs. Depends on the nature of the application, we evaluate the appropriate security measures following the best practices for securing mobile devices and sensitive data contained there in.

App Development in different Domains.

One long decades of togetherness with the best teams in the field of mobile application developers and service 450+ clients from around the world has enabled us to work with virtually all industries and business needs to offer a brilliant mobile application solutions and future-ready.

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What Client's Say?

I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from Cranai Technologies. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. I have got a good e-commerce site for my products. My revenue has increased because of Cranai Technologies and I will definitely use your services again.

Daniel McWenney

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the services your team has provided. Your team has been a pleasure to work with, professional and timely. The only delay in work that we have experienced has been due to our own lack of organization managing our projects, not yours. Job well done and I hope we can continue to grow together.

John Dawson
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Spain

We have worked with Cranai Technologies on various projects, and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

Elena Wisseman


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