Protection and privacy are our top most need. We sign the severe non-revelation concurrence with our customers and representatives.

At Cranai, secrecy of your venture and security of your information is of most extreme significance. We have skillful measures set up that guarantee the security of your information in our improvement community.

Not just your information security is a basic component for keeping up a drawn out relationship with you, your information is the thing that your business depends on and by dealing with your business, we deal with our business as well.

Security .



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Client NDA

We require an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients to ensure a confidential development environment and confidentiality within each project. We openly discuss at length issues regarding security and other areas of concern. This discussion discloses the amount of data needed to be collected, which person(s) will be authorized to access information, and the possible risks involved.

NDA with Employee

We also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each of our employees at hire. We clearly state that failing to uphold the agreement is ground for legal action and termination. We regularly update employees about the importance of data protection and provide updated practices to ensure company standards are not compromised.


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